Demon Squad Reviews:

" much fun...[Khristian] Fulmer and [Erin] Lilley certainly are up for the task..."

Indie Horror Films

"[Khristian Fulmer] was cast perfectly and I wouldn’t want Moon any other way. Fulmer and Lilley absolutely own their parts..."

Fitz of Horror

"A few of the performances are great, particularly Khristian Fulmer’s Nick Moon and his very likable sidekick, Daisy O’Reilly (Erin Lilley). It’s a good example of a film that succeeds in creating an alternate reality on a limited budget...definitely worth a look."

Horror Geek Life

"I really enjoyed the performance by Erin Lilley who played Daisy O’Reilly. I highly recommend watching DEMON SQUAD...I look forward to seeing more from Thomas Smith and Erin Lilley in the future."


“…the eternal sidekick, Daisy [Erin Lilley] really makes this film for me, the best-acted and most interesting character.”

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